About Us

Arkadin is one of the largest and fastest growing Collaboration Service Providers in the world. With a vision rooted in the belief that progress emerges from people's desire to share, Arkadin offers a complete range of integrated audio, web, video and Unified Communications solutions. As of early 2014, Arkadin has been a member of the NTT Communications Group, the International Communications and ICT Provider of NTT, delivering consultancy, architecture, security and cloud services.

With a global network of 53 offices in 32 countries across the globe, Arkadin delivers its business solutions using a software as a service (SaaS) model so that customers can benefit from fast, scalable deployments with a high ROI.

Our Core Values

We are a company driven by its values.

+ Respect

  • We embrace diversity and are open to new perspectives and others' opinion.
  • We respect our customers as we expect them to respect us in return.
  • We invest our shareholder's money as we invest our own aiming for a maximum return.
  • We take concrete actions to contribute to keep the world greener.

+ Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • By empowering our people, we trust they will make the best decisions and take ownership in everything they do.
  • We are proud to reveal and develop talents by reinforcing everyone's strengths.
  • We always think as an Arkadin customer by putting ourselves in our user's shoes.
  • We dare to propose new ideas and solutions which create more value for our customers.

+ Working Together

  • We actively offer assistance to each other.
  • We value team achievement.
  • We believe that strong and sustainable customer relationships depend on our ability to co build with our customers and co solve their issues.
  • Arkadin's management team is committed to share clear and trusted information with our shareholders.

+ Enjoyment

  • We celebrate team success.
  • We strive to deliver an enjoyable experience every time our clients interact with us and use our services.
  • Enjoyment is the ground for effective work and helps to keep a positive attitude when facing adversity.

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