Collaboration Solutions

Online collaboration solutions are emerging as a significant tool for all small, medium and large scale companies. To cater to the rising demands of these companies, Arkadin ConferIndia offers reliable services for hosting seminars and meetings. It employs modern techniques to help companies host a conference and address their partners, employees and clients in the most convenient manner.


ArkadinMeeting is an online collaboration tool that is synonymous with quality audio, video and web conferencing services. This highly advanced solution provides users with outstanding meeting experience by ensuring fast user adoption and increasing the impact of communication. From sending invitations to demonstrating products to sharing files. Companies can perform a lot of functions with the help of ArkadinMeeting.

Use ArkadinMeeting to:

  • Present ideas and thoughts easily and quickly
  • Streamline the communication process
  • Reduce travelling cost
  • Establish fast connection with clients
  • Improve employees' productivity
  • Host high resolution video conferencing
  • Organise online events

ArkadinMeeting Features:
  • Helps in reaching geographically spread clients
  • Useful in demonstrating products
  • Provides real-time response of participants
  • Allows participants to share application and desktop
  • High resolution video
  • Hosted on secured platform
  • Collaborating on documents is fast and easy

Quick Features
  • Better communication between participants
  • Optimised sessions
  • Customised and scalable
  • Both private and group chats are available
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Cost effective

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Quick Feature

  • Operator attended web conferencing
  • On-Demand web conferencing