Reservationless Conferencing


With ArkadinAnytime™, you can work with as many as 50 business associates simultaneously, irrespective of their location. This on-demand audio conferencing solution provides you the liberty to set up a conference call without scheduling it beforehand. The solution allows you to start the call from a local rate phone number and connect with clients, vendors, colleagues and partners located in any part of the world. You will enjoy constant live customer care in your local language, so that you are able to operate this sophisticated solution with utmost ease.

ArkadinAnytime™ is based has been developed on the cloud collaboration platform, thus allowing you to engage in international conferencing via a set of local access numbers. This flexible reservationless conferencing solution also allows you to customise the welcome messages and provides total control over the audio conference web console. Moreover, we can also customise this on-demand conferencing solution as per the exact requirements of your organisation.


Our on-demand conferencing solution can be used to hold internal and external corporate meetings and promote collaborative team work. By soliciting our solution, you can get regular project updates from associates, train personnel remotely and hold impromptu brainstorming sessions.

Features: Reservation less Conferencing

For Account Administrators

  • Secure, personal conferencing solution for all professionals
  • Dedicated appplications for iPhone and BlackBerry®, along with desktop plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes
  • Only a web browser required, no downloads needed (JVM, Applets, Flash Players...).
  • Full integration with web conferencing solutions
  • 100% of the invitees will enter the conference.

For Conference Moderators

  • Send email invitations with pre-populated access details and calendar syncing via Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes toolbars
  • Enhanced security with extra PIN codes for all participants
  • Customise settings and features, like welcome messages and hold music, with the Online Audio Console, thus optimising the conference management process
  • Option for dialling-out to group members
  • Use mobile applications to invite and connect participants
  • Provide participation and conference traffic report

For Conference Participants

  • Access conference call irrespective of location via local rate or toll free numbers
  • 24/7/365 live operator assistance
  • Local language support
  • Connect with conference call directly from email invitation with just one-click
  • Use mobile applications to invite and connect participants
  • Provide participation and conference traffic report


  • Ease of accessing – anytime, anywhere – from landline as well as mobile phones
  • Hassle-free and easy-to-use solution, requires no training for operation
  • 24/7/365 live local language operator assistance provided for all calls
  • Affordable, local number access for international conference calls for ArkadinAnywhere™ Cloud Collaboration offer
  • Convenient international usage, with a single phone access list for all group members for ArkadinAnywhere™ Cloud Collaboration offer
  • Completely secure and confidential conference calls
  • ArkadinAnywhere™ Audio Web console provides complete authority over the audiences as well as features
  • Full integration with ArkadinAnywhere™ and Cisco WebEx web conferencing solutions

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