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Arkadin ConferIndia brings to India, the best in Web Conferencing technology with the most feature rich and easy to use platform for on the fly or pre planned web conferencing services. The Anywhere service is closely integrated with the Anytime Audio service to give users a complete collaboration experience.

Anywhere conferencing

With no downloads required, this web conferencing tool is available on-demand and accessible for immediate use, enabling you to get your message out to a widespread audience, quickly and easily, while helping to reduce travel costs to and from meetings. Live Customer Service operatives are available through the entire duration of your meeting to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise during your conference.

Use Anywhere to:

  • Meet online to review important documents instantly.
  • Meetings can be planned regardless of the attendee's technical environments (PC, Mac...).
  • Only a web browser required, no downloads needed (JVM, Applets, Flash Players...).
  • Arkadin Operators can welcome and assist users with a live chatfacility.
  • 100% of the invitees will enter the conference.
  • Customize the meetings with complete branding.
  • Instantly view real-time presentations.
  • The highest screen resolution available on the market.
  • Integrate with Arkadin ConferIndias audio service for complete conferencing collaboration.

Arkadin Services


Meet anytime, anywhere through on-demand audio conferencing.


Conduct professionally managed, operator-assisted audio and web conferences.


Share documents and information quickly and easily with no downloads.


Get the power and reach of a radio or television broadcast.

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Anywhere Features:

  • Provide secure access for participants for highly confidential meetings.
  • Invite new participants to the conference, quickly and easily.
  • Easy and secure file transfer capabilities.
  • Create online conversations through the discussion window.
  • Administration tool (website) to manage your conferences.
  • Fully branded wait for moderator page.
  • Monitor conference participants instantly.
  • Reach local customer service and technical support during conferences for troubleshooting or training.
  • Integrate with Arkadin ConferIndias audio service for a multimedia conference experience.

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Quick Feature

  • On-demand
  • Secure access
  • Easy and secure file transfer
  • Discussion window
  • Only a web browser required
  • Administration tools(website)
  • Instant monitoring
  • Real-time presentations
  • Highest screen resolution
  • Complete branding
  • Multimedia conferencing
  • Audio integration
  • No downloads required