Now you can host a world class web-based seminar with Arkadin ConferIndia’s customisable solution for business users. With support for thousands of attendees, you can host a large meeting room via the Internet, something you could have never done in real life scenario. Our 24x7x365 local language support ensures that you never feel out of touch even in the most difficult situations and can resolve issues within minutes.

Arkadin ConferIndia Webinar works for you as it provides the flexibility to join the online seminar from home, office, mobile device. Even while collaborating with participants located thousands of miles away, you never need to step out of your office. The professional Arkadin ConferIndia Account Manager works with you to zero in upon the most suitable, branded, secure webinar solution that enables communication with group members in real time.

Applications of Arkadin ConferIndia Webinars

  • Lead generation webinars
  • Online Training
  • Live Meetings
  • Information Sessions
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Virtual Collaboration

What Arkadin ConferIndia Webinar has for you

  • PowerPoint slides
  • Support for thousands of participants
  • Annotation tools
  • White board
  • Screen, desktop, application sharing
  • File transfer
  • Text chats
  • Break-out sessions
  • Open hyperlinks on group members’ computers
  • Voiceover via phone
  • Live video

Benefits of Arkadin ConferIndia Webinar:

  • Meet more people in lesser time
  • Excellent rate of Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cost effective pricing models
  • Use polls and surveys to assess attendees’ interest levels
  • Record session for future use
  • Use video with phone-based voiceover for face-to-face communication
  • No hardware costs due to browser-based nature of Webinars
  • Support for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Nokia devices
  • No additional downloads
  • Simple and convenient user interface
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and social media websites


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Quick Feature

  • Customized email invitation services
  • Customized registration capabilities to allow better tracking of the leads information
  • Real time survey and polling tools
  • Text based message window
  • Audio teleconferencing capabilities
  • Post Webinar reports and analysis
  • On-demand, post event archive recording and viewing