Why Conference

Conferencing has emerged as one of the basic components of any corporate communication solution as it enables thousands of business associates to liaise simultaneously. It contributes heavily in reducing employees' travel time, thus reducing associated costs and promoting employee as well as business productivity. With audio and web conferencing solutions, you can host collaborative meetings among geographically-isolated professionals at minimal costs and enjoy increased business productivity. Some of the common applications of business conferencing are as follows:

  • Virtual Events

    With Confer India Arkadin conferencing solutions, you can host an event with multiple participants without asking them to come to a central location. Our solutions empower you to hold collaborative virtual events in accordance with your specific business needs, at substantially lower costs than physical meetings.

  • Investor Relations Webcast

    Earnings calls or investor relations webcasts are a must for all companies that make important announcements for their investors. Our webcasting solutions allow you set up an earnings call webcast in minimum time, with assured security and constant operator-assistance.

  • Lead Generation Webinar

    As a marketing tool, webinars are heavily being used for holding lead and demand generation web seminars. Lead generation webinars will provide you the best platform for broadcasting relevant, valuable and attracting content for your global audience, thus enticing them to look for the products and services you offer.

  • Online Training Solution

    Companies, universities and professional institutions rely on quality online training solutions to impart knowledge about requisite subjects to numerous geographically-isolated individuals simultaneously. Our virtual education solutions enable you to host classes and training sessions via file sharing and associated visual aid applications without any downloads.

  • International Organizations Communication

    With conferencing as our forte, we are able to provide the most sophisticated private conferencing solutions at the most competitive prices to you. Our solutions enable you to host international corporate conference calls via toll as well as toll free numbers.

  • Product Launch

    More and more organisations are adopting audio conferencing solutions and web demonstrations to hold product launches. These solutions allow companies to reach out to a wider target audience and showcase new products and services in the most effective manner, thus increase the sales prospects of the same.

  • Virtual Trade Show

    We provide you with solutions to host virtual trade shows, which enable you to interact with clients and other associates at considerably lower costs. Owing to this solution, you can showcase the products in specialised vendor display booths and increase your lead generation prospects substantially.

  • Small Business Conferencing

    The needs of small and home businesses differ largely from those of large enterprises. Therefore, we provide small businesses with on-demand, reservationless, hassle-free and cost effective conferencing solutions that cater to their specific business requirements.

  • Corporate Conferencing

    Globalisation has opened up the world for all companies and organisations, now, have their branches in all parts of the world. Thus, we provide them with corporate conferencing solutions that allow companies to streamline communication between different offices at the most competitive rates.

  • Project Management Collaboration

    We provide you with specialised conferencing solutions that empower you to manage, coordinate and deploy resources for handling project efficiently. With the project management collaboration solutions, you can work in tandem with various professionals and regulate workflow with their special features.

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